Custom Serializers

Registration Serializer

It is fairly common to create a custom user model for a Django project. To accomodate this, you can easily substitute in a custom registration serializer that includes your added fields using the REGISTRATION_SERIALIZER setting.

To specify additional fields, simply subclass the provided registration serializer as follows:

from rest_email_auth.serializers import RegistrationSerializer

class MyRegistrationSerializer(RegistrationSerializer):

    class Meta:
        # You must include the 'email' field for the serializer to work.
        fields = (
        model = MyUserModel

The provided registration serializer handles the conditional creation of the user and sending out a confirmation email. If you need more flexibility than is achievable by overriding the Meta class, you will have to dig in to the source code of the provided serializer. Feel free to create an issue if you have difficulties with this process.